Thursday, September 30, 2010

Riding Lessons

So you guys remember how I started taking lessons back in June??  Well, I STILL LOVE THEM...

They are absolutely fantastic! 


My mom was able to come and watch my lesson Friday night before we went to Lexington for the reining.  I was glad that she was able to watch me ride because she is definitely the reason for my love of horses.  She had a horse when I was born and has supported me 100% any and every time I have wanted to try something new.  She also travelled many miles and paid tons of entry fees for me while I showed through high school and college.  It definitely means a lot to be able to include her in the riding that I am doing now.

I am thinking that the jumping might have made her a little nervous though, especially because by the end of the lesson I was jumping two little cross rails like this one in a row.  Its definitely fun :)  It kind of feels like flying!


  1. you look great out there! i can tell how much you love it.

  2. That last picture is amazing! I just adore your love for horses!