Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day 2

Well, I don't think that we got as much snow as we could have, but we definitely got enough. I think we got around 6 or 7 inches. The main roads are a little less sketchy than ours but after tonight I'm sure that they'll be a mess again.

Drew worked all morning so Scoot and I got out and played in the snow. Maybe someday if I ever have children I can take pictures of them, but until then, Scoot is my child!
Playing in the snow (or at least being covered in it!)
Maybe I should put this up, I'm about tired of snow!
Drew's tire tracks. That's quite a bit of snow for BG!
And just because she's cute :)

Hope you all have a great night! We are not planning on doing much, just staying here at the house out of the weather!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Days!

We are under a "Winter Storm Warning". How exciting? The kind of comical thng is that it was all supposed to start this morning and so as of last night every school in this half of the state was cancelled for the day, but the snow didn't end up starting until 2 or 3. Oops. As of now though, I'm sitting here at the house watching Paula Dean making strawberry margaritas.

Kellen and I are going to dinner tonight and then I would say that I'll be home alone until pretty late. Drew got a new partner at work today so they will be working all weekend trying to get all of his clients switched over. I know that he'll be glad when all of this is over.

Anyway, here's a preview of our snow. We'll have to see what it looks like in the morning (we're supposed to have between 6 and 10 inches)!!!
I'm sitting inside watching the fire as it warms my toes :)
Its definitely looking a little snowy outside!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sunday we went to the University of Louisville game against the Cincinnati Bearcats and it was lots of fun! I had never seen Freedom Hall set up for Basketball, I'd only seen it as a livestock facility. It was so different! Drew is a huge UofL fan and I'm starting to like them pretty well too!
They won and we were definitely excited to have seen a great game!

free throws

Coach Pitino
Cheerleaders. They were pretty great!
Our seats were right infront of the Cheerleaders, so I managed to get lots of pictures of them!

Hope y'all have a great night! We went to spinning and then I came home and made some taco soup. Now we are relaxing and watching The Biggest Loser. Tootles!

Why is it not Spring Time???

Well, it snowed this morning. Not much, but to me, when it's snowing that is a definite indication that it is cold outside. Plus, it's supposed to snow like crazy again Thursday night and the weather guy is saying that we could have "significant accumulation" and highs in the 20's for the weekend. YUCK. YUCK. YUCK. I don't like cold weather.

So in honor of that, I thought I'd do a top ten list of reason's why I can't wait for it to be spring!

10. I am tired of sweaters and coats. I feel so confined and like a big blimp.
9. Everything is dead outside. The trees look dead and the grass does to, it's depressing.
8. My car is always dirty and there's no sense in washing it. Plus, it's too cold.
7. I miss all of my open toed shoes and flip flops. They are so comfortable.
6. This one is huge, I'm tired of wearing panty hose all the time!
5. My skin and hair look horrible. Flat, dry, and pale. Brown girls need tans!
4. It is dark all the time which means I'm constantly sleepy.
3. I want to be outside. Planting flowers and taking Scoot for walks!
2. It's not fun to play with my ponies at home when its this cold, plus they are really furry and look like giant teddy bears (which is cute, except they are filthy!)
And the number one reason that I will be glad that it is spring...

Will y'all be glad for Spring Time?? Did I miss any good reasons to look forward to it? Let me know!
P.S. The fabulous K-Law is hosting a Spring Themed give-away! Check it out for some super cute Etsy finds!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Where Do You Shop???

Well, two posts in a couple of hours, that beats no post in a week... I digress. Kelly's Korner has started the Show Us Your Life series and this week its all about places that you shop. As two young adults, we find ourselves on a little bit of a budget sometimes. I am a huge sale person and really hate buying anything at the regular price... We are also crunched for time and like to find as many things in one place as we can. Therefore, our shopping spots are as follows:

I am at Walmart more often than any one person should probably be allowed. I buy all of our groceries here as well as other household goods (cleaners, laundry stuff, personal care items, and my makeup). I know a lot of people don't like Walmart, but I don't mind it and really enjoy going in and getting everything that I need in one place.

We buy all of our meats at Sams club (their ground beef and pork chops are AMAZING) and even bought a deep freeze from their so that it wouldn't take up a bunch of room in our inside freezer. Our deep freeze has been one of our best investments. I also buy toilet paper here, paper towels, and all the other crap that you hate buying so you don't want to buy it very often. The bad thing is that Drew is like a small child and we end up spending WAY too much money here. He's like, OH!!!!!! 12 CANS OF TOMATO SOUP! WE HAVE TO HAVE IT!
I don't love Target. I really think that its overpriced, but they do have neat things there that you can't find any where else. Their decorations are really cute and they carry more upscale things than Walmart, but I honestly don't go to Target very often.

Oh, I love the Gap. I love them so much. They have the worlds greatest sweaters and every year I end up owning three or four of them. I am actually wearing a Gap sweater right now! I have worn clothes from here since I was in high school and have even gotten Drew to wear he likes their blue jeans and shirts. Oh, and I love their puffy vests! They're the best :)

I love Kohls! They have great clothes, great housewares, and great prices! I have a Kohls cards so I get sales stuff from them all the time!

Well, I feel like I am saying that I love all these places, but I really do. I love Macy's. I get a lot of my work pants and shoes here. Also, my coats that I bought this year came from here. I also have a Macy's card and get great discounts in the mail from them. It is sad because the Macy's in BG is horrible so I have to go to Evansville or Nashville to get a good Macy's experience! My favorite piece of clothing that I have bought all winter are my Inc. skinny jeans. They are great!

Amazon is a great place for all of that random stuff that you don't know where to find it. I have bought books there, clothes there, jewelry, you name it. I also use it as a resource to look at the reviews and see what other people think about something before we buy it! I think that the prices are very fair and the selection is unbeatable!
So what do you guys think? Do you shop at any of these places?

Roses & Thorns...

Well guys, its Friday (hallelujah) and I thought that I'd once again follow in Mrs. K-Law's foot steps with a wonderful Roses & Thorns Post...

  • Roses to my new hair cut... I really like it. I mean, its actually the same as it had been except a couple pieces by my face, but it still makes me really happy. Maybe I was just tired of it needing to be cut.
  • Roses to going to the gym like a fiend the past couple of weeks. I must admit that I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm going to go tomorrow at some point and that will be 4 days each for the last two weeks.
  • Roses to cooking dinner every night this week. I keep going through our deep freeze to figure out what all is in there! We are even eating dinner at home tonight, steaks, baked potatoes, and salads! I'm excited :)
  • Roses to Sears and their mattress sale. I'm pretty excited about my new queen size, pillow top, mattress with memory foam. It'll be so great to sleep on a mattress that is not V shaped!
  • Roses to the Cards game on Sunday. Free tickets and Edgar Sosa, what more can a girl need?

  • Thorns to my sore knees and hips. Oh geeze, I'm getting so old.
  • Thorns to weighing the same freaking amount. I mean, I know my eating habits haven't really changed but I've been killing at the gym. I would love to see it go down by at least one digit!
  • Thorns to rain. Actually thorns to winter time in general. I'm cold, its always dark, and I just want to be able to wear flip flops. I love all my boots, but I'm getting tired of them.
  • Thorns to being a bad blogger this week. I hit post number 50 and then didn't post again for almost a week!
  • Thorns to Earthquakes. You poor poor people in Haiti. I feel the need to adopt a Haitian child.

Oh well, I guess that's all! I hope that you guys have had a good week and that you have exciting plans for the weekend. Let me know if you're doing anything exciting :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Post # 50!!!

Well thanks to Jenna & Pippy for providing me with questions to answer on my 50th post!
Pippy asked:
Do you show horses? What kind and what discipline?
Unfortunately, right now I do not. I used to and will again at some point but right now I am horseless. I showed Quarter Horses from the time that I was 13 until the time that I was about 23. Before that, I had mostly ridden QH's on trails.
The bay gelding in the picture above was the horse that I trained myself. We did showmanship in AQHA as well as western pleasure and horsemanship for 4H and open shows. He had his own post that you can see here.
I was also fortunate to grow up down the road from two AQHA World Champion halter horse trainers. They trained the open weanling gelding WC this year, his name is Night Tripz. Anyway, growing up with them, I got the opportunity to show some pretty nice halter horses. I showed at the AQHYA World Show three times and the regional experience once in Columbus. The gelding above was named Tai or FSR Awesome Image. I also had two mares named Domatella (a daughter of WC Dominate Clu) and Fine By Me (by the Finest Kid).

Cutting is something that I would love to do. Cutting and working cow horse classes are so amazing. I actually rode a cutting horse in Texas when I was about 15 and it was the coolest thing I have ever done :)

Jenna asked:

What do you do for a living? Did you go to college, if so where? What do you enjoy most/least about your job?

I work for the 8th largest bank in the United States. My boss says that I am the "manager" of the business deposits in the region. Basically, I try to make our business clients happy with the bank accounts. What I enjoy the most about the job is the people that I work with. I really have an amazing group of co-workers. I also like the fact that my company is very service oriented. This year they instituted the Lighthouse Project which provided each city with a certain amount of money to do a community service project. The BG employees decided to rebuild a storage facility for a battered women and children shelter in town. It was extremely rewarding. The thing that I like least about my job is that it is very analytical and I am not. It makes things a little complicated sometimes but everything works out.

I did go to college. I graduated in 2006 from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Agricultural Business. I love WKU and am glad that we live in BG so that we are still close to the school.

Well, thanks to all of you for following my first 50 blog posts! I have enjoyed getting to know you all and really appreciate your insight and also your honesty on your blogs. I can't wait to see what the next 50 posts bring!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Hi Guys,

Well, you all may not know it, but this is my 49th post and in honor of my future 50th post I'm going to do what I have seen several other bloggers do... I am going to give you guys (not really sure how many of you there are that actually read this, but you know) the chance to ask me anything. Absolutely anything and I'll be completely honest, I promise.

So please, don't make me feel retarded by having a questions post and not get any questions. That would be so sad :(

Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing what you all would like to know!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Idiot Deer...

Ok, so here's a little background information. I'm sure that you all know that it has been freezing in Kentucky. I mean, temperatures were in the teens last weekend. Also, we have a huge pond in the pasture behind my mom and dad's house. My dad dug it and got a little carried away, its gigantic.

Alright, now that's out of the way and I can actually get into the story. Mom told me this morning that she wished I had been at the house to see the antics that went on in the pasture. She said that she was coming in from feeding the horses and looked down into the pasture in time to see a deer run across the pond! She was shocked and then even more surpised when she saw his four buddies run across the pond with him. Then she said that all these deer started running, bucking, and kicking at each other. She said that they played in the pasture for two or three minutes before she had to go in and get ready for work. Apparently there was a small deer that was pestering one of the big deer. The little deer crouched down and acted like it was going to jump at the big deer. How funny?
This is one of the things that I miss about living in the country. We always have deer, turkey, and other crazy animals in WKY. Nobody in my family hunts (except Drew, but that's a different story) we just like to watch them. Anyway, I'd better get to work, but I just wanted to pass on this story.
Hope y'all have a great day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Baby In The Family...

Oh God, don't freak. Its not mine :) I bet that did get y'alls attention though, didn't it?

Anyway, I'd like to congratulate the other Richeys From BG on the new addition to their family. Luke Davidson Richey was born yesterday weighing a whopping 9 lb 12 oz. Holy cow, that's a big baby. Blake is Drew's first cousin so I guess that Baby Luke is Drew's second cousin? Anyway, Drew and I are SOOOOOO excited for B&B and can't wait to meet Baby Luke :)

So since we're on the topic of babies, I'd like to address a crazy situation in the Richey family. There has not been a baby girl Richey born in over 50 years. Can you believe that? Drew's dad has an older sister and she is the last one. Since Brenda there have been 3 sons, 7 grandsons, and now 2 great grandsons. Good grief that's a bunch of Richey boys. Anyway, maybe we'll break the trend or maybe we'll continue the tradition...

Time will tell (but don't get too excited it'll still be a little while)!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I hope I can survive until May...

Well, I have a guessing game for you... I'm going to post some pictures and you all will have to see why I can't wait until May...

I will be playing right there and definitely lounging in those chairs...
I'll be swimming in this pool...
I'd love to be laying/napping in a hammock like this!

Wow, and how do you top this sun set?
The first week of May, me and my Drewby will be headed to the Caribbean and I am so excited! We are staying at Sandals Negril. Agreeing to the trip was very easy, especially since the day we made our reservations it was 20 degrees. WOW... I can't wait to get the heck out of town!
Hope y'all have a great day!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

18 degrees...

Yes, 18 degrees, the high tomorrow. Oh my goodness it is miserable to even go outside. We have snow also and they are saying that in the morning everything will be slicker than it already is. SWEET. I hate winter. It is my least favorite time of the year!

Drew and I have done really well about going to the gym this week. I'm trying to combat all the eating that I did at home over Christmas. We went Sunday through Tuesday and then also tonight. Tuesdays and Thursdays are spinning nights and then Sunday and Monday we did the treadmill and lifted weights. We are working on scheduling a vacation for early May so we've both decided we want to look decent in our bathing suits for it!

This weekend we are going to WKY. Scoot has an appointment with the vet Saturday morning and we're meeting with a travel agent Saturday afternoon. As always, it will be a busy weekend.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great Thursday and an awesome weekend!
This is what it looks like out our front door...
Happy New Years!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year (a few days late)

Well good morning friends,

Sorry that it has been a little while since I posted. There really hasn't been that much going on at our house. We did watch a very sad basketball game (we are Louisville fans, not Kentucky fans) with some friends yesterday but that's been about the extent of the excitement here.

Today we are going to church and then running a few errands in town. It will definitely be hard to go back to work for an actual full week this week!

Anyway, sorry this is short but I guess I'll TTYL!