Friday, January 22, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Where Do You Shop???

Well, two posts in a couple of hours, that beats no post in a week... I digress. Kelly's Korner has started the Show Us Your Life series and this week its all about places that you shop. As two young adults, we find ourselves on a little bit of a budget sometimes. I am a huge sale person and really hate buying anything at the regular price... We are also crunched for time and like to find as many things in one place as we can. Therefore, our shopping spots are as follows:

I am at Walmart more often than any one person should probably be allowed. I buy all of our groceries here as well as other household goods (cleaners, laundry stuff, personal care items, and my makeup). I know a lot of people don't like Walmart, but I don't mind it and really enjoy going in and getting everything that I need in one place.

We buy all of our meats at Sams club (their ground beef and pork chops are AMAZING) and even bought a deep freeze from their so that it wouldn't take up a bunch of room in our inside freezer. Our deep freeze has been one of our best investments. I also buy toilet paper here, paper towels, and all the other crap that you hate buying so you don't want to buy it very often. The bad thing is that Drew is like a small child and we end up spending WAY too much money here. He's like, OH!!!!!! 12 CANS OF TOMATO SOUP! WE HAVE TO HAVE IT!
I don't love Target. I really think that its overpriced, but they do have neat things there that you can't find any where else. Their decorations are really cute and they carry more upscale things than Walmart, but I honestly don't go to Target very often.

Oh, I love the Gap. I love them so much. They have the worlds greatest sweaters and every year I end up owning three or four of them. I am actually wearing a Gap sweater right now! I have worn clothes from here since I was in high school and have even gotten Drew to wear he likes their blue jeans and shirts. Oh, and I love their puffy vests! They're the best :)

I love Kohls! They have great clothes, great housewares, and great prices! I have a Kohls cards so I get sales stuff from them all the time!

Well, I feel like I am saying that I love all these places, but I really do. I love Macy's. I get a lot of my work pants and shoes here. Also, my coats that I bought this year came from here. I also have a Macy's card and get great discounts in the mail from them. It is sad because the Macy's in BG is horrible so I have to go to Evansville or Nashville to get a good Macy's experience! My favorite piece of clothing that I have bought all winter are my Inc. skinny jeans. They are great!

Amazon is a great place for all of that random stuff that you don't know where to find it. I have bought books there, clothes there, jewelry, you name it. I also use it as a resource to look at the reviews and see what other people think about something before we buy it! I think that the prices are very fair and the selection is unbeatable!
So what do you guys think? Do you shop at any of these places?


  1. Love Macys! I always end up buying something from their I.N.C. brand. The clothes are always so cute and I can usually find something good on the sale rack!

  2. I forgot about Kohl's! Great store! I like Amazon too! Bought quite a bit from there these past few months.

  3. I love Kohls and Amazon. Amazon is the only place I buy books, movies, and things for photography like lenses! Great list!

  4. I love Target! I can't not go in there and drop at lest $50 per visit. And I go there weekly!

  5. I am so with you on the thing...ANY time I'm buying something I like to check the reviews there first!! It helps me make such better-educated decisions!