Thursday, January 14, 2010

Idiot Deer...

Ok, so here's a little background information. I'm sure that you all know that it has been freezing in Kentucky. I mean, temperatures were in the teens last weekend. Also, we have a huge pond in the pasture behind my mom and dad's house. My dad dug it and got a little carried away, its gigantic.

Alright, now that's out of the way and I can actually get into the story. Mom told me this morning that she wished I had been at the house to see the antics that went on in the pasture. She said that she was coming in from feeding the horses and looked down into the pasture in time to see a deer run across the pond! She was shocked and then even more surpised when she saw his four buddies run across the pond with him. Then she said that all these deer started running, bucking, and kicking at each other. She said that they played in the pasture for two or three minutes before she had to go in and get ready for work. Apparently there was a small deer that was pestering one of the big deer. The little deer crouched down and acted like it was going to jump at the big deer. How funny?
This is one of the things that I miss about living in the country. We always have deer, turkey, and other crazy animals in WKY. Nobody in my family hunts (except Drew, but that's a different story) we just like to watch them. Anyway, I'd better get to work, but I just wanted to pass on this story.
Hope y'all have a great day!

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  1. I few years ago there was a deer that lived in my parent’s neighborhood. We kept hearing all these bizarre stories about people feeding her, and how she would come right up to you...she even had a name, Rosie (because she would eat everyone's roses). One afternoon, my mom and I went for a walk...and sure enough she came right out of the woods to greet us. She let us pet her and everything! It was crazy!
    Rosie now lives on a small farm with some other animals-she was just too sweet for the wildness of Franklin, KY! Haha!