Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day 2

Well, I don't think that we got as much snow as we could have, but we definitely got enough. I think we got around 6 or 7 inches. The main roads are a little less sketchy than ours but after tonight I'm sure that they'll be a mess again.

Drew worked all morning so Scoot and I got out and played in the snow. Maybe someday if I ever have children I can take pictures of them, but until then, Scoot is my child!
Playing in the snow (or at least being covered in it!)
Maybe I should put this up, I'm about tired of snow!
Drew's tire tracks. That's quite a bit of snow for BG!
And just because she's cute :)

Hope you all have a great night! We are not planning on doing much, just staying here at the house out of the weather!


  1. It looks the same at my house! Just a little less snow! It has been fun seeing all of the snow and getting out and enjoying it! We are staying in as well tonight---I hope we get out tomorrow---I am getting a little stir crazy!

  2. Wow it's beautiful!! How cute is your puppy covered in snow!?

  3. seems like everyone is getting snow. i've seen more snow in one week than in my entire life before that. ha! it's lovely!

    ps. your pup is adorable.

  4. these are very beautiful images though!! your puppy is so cute!!