Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boys of Summer!

So Kenny Chesney might have a great new song out titled "Boys of Fall" but frankly, I'm more into the Boys of Summer... Especially the boys that play for this particular team...

My husband, however, is not a fan. He hearts a particular team that calls Cincinnati their home. Luckily, these two teams play each other at least twice a year and Cincinnati is actually not that far from home. In the spirit of things, we will be travelling there this weekend so that my hubby can cheer for his team and I can cheer quite enthusiastically for these guys!

Chipper... You've always been my favorite. I definitely had a poster of you when I was about 12 hanging on my wall. You're the man. I hope this isn't your last season.

Jason Heyward... Holy crap dude, did you really steal home plate last night? That's amazing. I hope you smash one over the walls of Great American Ballpark!

My boys. Please, show those crazy Reds fans that I'll be with that you all are truly the superior team!


  1. I'm a braves fan too! I used to have the biggest crush ever on Chipper..he's aged well :)

    Have fun! I'm super jealous you get to go!

  2. he really did steal home plate, it was amazing! i'm a little jealous that you're getting to see our braves play this weekend and i'll be stuck at home!