Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maybe soon?

Well, hubby gave me some good news today about the house we're trying to buy (BofA has completely ruined me, we're buying it! I just have no confidence)... Hopefully we'll be closing soon. So in the spirit of that, here's a sneak peak to the inside...

The kitchen. There are not any appliances, but if you'll remember from this post , we bought appliances for the other house months ago. We'll have to buy a dishwasher and microwave, but that's really not a big deal. The room with the giant window in the back is the formal dining room but it also has an eat-in place in the kitchen.

The living room. It is very open to the kitchen. Also, there is an outdoor covered patio off the kitchen that you can see in the background.

Master bedroom. I actually like this color but think it will look like crap with my dark cherry furniture. However, like the appliances, we already have some paint. You can see the colors here. The bad thing is, we're thinking that this will only be about half as much as we need. This house has about 700 to 800 square feet than the other one.

Master bathroom. Something tells me that I'll enjoy soaking in that tub when (or if) we ever get this painting done!

Anyway, I'm excited... I hope it all plays out!

Oh, and Erin... This house is in your neck of the woods... We should figure out if we're neighbors.


  1. wow it's beautiful!! Good lUck!

  2. This house is beautiful and that tub..oh my! Good luck, I can't wait to see how you decorate it!

  3. I love it! I can't wait to see how it looks with the new appliances and paint!

  4. it's so BIG!!! and perrrrdy!!!

    sigh...why can't i afford a home that big in california? boo :(