Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Activities...

Well, Hello All...

I hope that you all have had a great weekend. I know that Drew and I have.
Friday night, Drew and I went to Lowes and bought the appliances for our new house. Since it is a short sale, there are a few things that are needed for this house and a couple of them are a fridge and a new stove. We had been looking at the appliances for a while and finally had the measurements so we decided to go and check out the actual appliances that we might buy. We had decided on a Whirlpool range and fridge until the Lowes man told us that he would honor the 20% off price on the appliances that they would be offering during Memorial Day weekend. We actually ended up getting these appliances cheaper than the less expensive Whirlpools ones we had decided on! They are both Samsung and stainless steel. I think that they'll look great in our new house :)
I'm not sure if I have explained the situation with our new house to you all but if not... here goes. It is a short sale, which means that we are at the mercy of the bank as to when we close. The people who owned our house both had great job at BG's Corvette plant until the economy crashed. At that point, they each were laid off and became incapable of making their monthly payment. They were forced to uproot their family and move out of town. We have since found out that the house has moved from being a "Short Sale" to being a full blown "Foreclosure". Luckily, there has been some new legislation and our house purchase has actually moved faster than most of its kind.
The rest of our weekend has been fairly quiet, but we did go to Nashville last night and had dinner at a restaurant called the Bricktops. The food was EXCELLENT! We were a little discouraged with our overall experience with the restaurant but our dinner was truly great.
We also got to try out BG's new Olive Garden. We went to Sunday School this morning and then drove immediately to OG. At 10:45 there were people outside lined up almost to the end of the building. We were able to get in at about 11:15 and had unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks for lunch. It was fantastic and I can't wait to go back again!
I hope y'all had a great weekend also and that you have a great week this week! See ya!

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  1. What a great deal on your appliances! Glad to hear things are slowly but surely moving along with your new house!