Tuesday, May 18, 2010

B of A - Quit Complicating My Life!

Well, I was hoping to have this great news for you all today about how we were going to be closing on our lovely little house this coming Friday but thanks to Bank of America (or something) that is not the case. BOO!

I still have my hopes up that we have will have our house by Memorial Day weekend but really I'm not holding my breath. I do realize that we are very fortunate that this process has gone as smoothly as it has, but I'm not exactly the most patient person.

I have lots to do in that house and they are just being too slow!

(Yes, I know, y'all have already seen this picture... but I'm excited ok??? Maybe someday I'll get to put up pictures of the inside... but only after I paint it... k??)


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed you get in by Memorial Weekend!

  2. Good Luck with that..It seems like closing always takes FOREVER! We deal with closings all the time in insurance and man...it can get frustrating! Hope you guys get in soon! Such a beautiful house!

  3. aw man! i hate when banks mess with you during the home buying process. why do they always have to play hardball?! jerks.

    here's hoping you close soon!

  4. Good luck! We had two closings in 2 days. It's sometimes crazy, but it'll be worth it in the end. :) Love your house!