Monday, May 24, 2010

Weird TV Obsessions!

I guess that everybody has them, but I definitely have some weird TV obsessions...

Drew is pretty convinced that I'm insane because these TV shows record every week. I love Deadliest Catch.

The Hillstrands are awesome. They crack me up every week. Also, Captain Andy has a Quarter Horse farm about an hour from where I grew up. That makes him (and the rest of the Time Bandit crew) awesome in my book!
I am also a big fan of the Hansen brothers and the Northwestern. Their youngest deck hand Jake, is pretty stinking cute! Also, the crew members of this ship made $50K in a 5 week King Crab season. Good grief.

I also like The First 48. I am a big crime TV person. Law & Order, CSI, and NCIS are also all on my DVR list but The First 48 is definitely my guilty pleasure. Drew says that this show is ridiculous because the story lines are always the same, but I really like it! Especially when the crimes are in Memphis and Louisville. Its crazy that stuff like that happens this close to my house!!!
What do you guys think?? Do you have guily TV pleasures likes this too???


  1. I have a weird obsession with TLC. Blake hates every show that I watch though....Jon & Kate, Little People, Duggars, etc. THe only one he like is the Cake Boss!! ha!

    And I love the Amazing Race too!

  2. haha Sean and I are obsessed with Dirty Jobs, Criminal Minds, and House... weird combinationshuh?

  3. My guilty pleasures are the cop shows too. For some reason, I can watch Cops, Law & Order, Jail, and all those crime shows on TruTV for hours! People are always shocked to hear that I watch those shows because I usually only talk about reality tv and I'm pretty girly. I also secretly love daytime court shows like Judge Mathis and People's Court. I hardly ever get to stay home during the day, but when I do, I love to watch them!

  4. I'm obsessed with Nancy Grace :)