Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Spoiled Little Girl...

Today was our second shower for Miss Callie and she sure made out like a bandit.  The shower was hosted by Drew's Church in WKY and when we counted the number of gifts on the list there were 45 (yes, that means I am going to be writing 45 thank you notes, but wow, it will be worth it!) gifts!

It was insane.  The princess got lots of clothes and LOTS of diapers.  Drew and I were thrilled because to this point we hadn't received many diapers.

The gifts after we condensed them enough too make the trip home. 

After going through all the boxes...  I promise my dog is not possessed, even though she definitely looks it in this picture.

Her closets, yes she has two and yes, the first one is full of clothes.  The bottom wrack is all clothes from Newborn to 9 months.

These letters are over the closet door on the right.  When you walk in her room and turn around, there are three doors, two closet doors and a door to the hall.  These are over the center door.  Her very uncrafty mother made these :)

We have been fortunate enough to borrow this crib from Drew's brother and sister-in-law.  Their two children used this crib and now they are allowing us too.  We are extremely appreciative and think that it is beautiful!

I found these prints on Etsy and they are from Callie's bedding.  Pardon the horrible yellow color.  The yellow in her room does horrible things to pictures, but they glared pretty bad anytime I used the flash.  At any rate, these hang over her crib.

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  1. I absolutely love her room and how it's not the traditional girly color! It makes the growing stages so much easier! Two closest? Lucky y'all! Having to jam pack everything into one closet, is so much work for a growing baby! I hope you're doing wonderful!