Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Couple Random Things...

Well, Drew and I went to The Brickyard this evening for our anniversary and it was amazing. Their cannelloni is probably the most fantastic thing that I have ever eaten.

Since this is a random post, I thought I'd like to mention a couple of give-aways that my bloggy friends are having this week... First... Jenna at Jenna's Jargon is having a Mary Kay Satin Lips giveaway which y'all should definitely check out. I know that this time of year my lips are a definite mess and its sure not from all of my Valentines Day kisses (hahah!).

Secondly... Pippy from Life From Pippy's Perspective is having a giveaway for a book by Beth Moore titled "So Long, Insecurity". If you follow Kelly's Korner, than you know that she has been talking about this book and discussing seeing Beth in person soon. Besides all that, I know that I definitely have had times in my life when I have dealt with insecurity. I think that there are so many women in the world who deal with all these same issues.

Also, I was lucky enough to have been given an award by Jenna @ Jenna's Jargon...

The award that I received was the GLOB or "Gorgeous Ladies of Blogging" award! How fun!

I'd like to pass this award on to...

Anyway, I hope that you all have a wonderful night! We are watching the Kentucky game (which you know that since we are watching it, my dear hubby is hoping for a Loss!) and then I will be heading to be shortly! Good Night!


  1. Thanks for the award! You're so sweet!

  2. happy anniversary!!! thank you for the award!

  3. Thank you for the award, I can't wait to get home tonight and pass it along. Random posts are the easiest, which is best! Have a great week!