Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hilltopper Basketball!

Oh gosh, sorry guys... Its been a while since I posted. This has been kind of a rocky week and I'm really glad its almost Friday.

Oh well, enough whininess (right Bananas?? HAHA!) We got offered 3 tickets to the WKU game tonight and thought that they were absolutely too good to pass up! Drew, Kellen, and I had a fantastic time (with the exception of having a 3 year old shoot spit wads at me... no I didn't know him and its a good thing he was cute because I might have done more than fussed at him otherwise!)!!!! We were excited to see a Hilltopper win and a great game.

It was also interesting because Courtney Lee (part of our Sweet Sixteen team and now a member of the New Jersey Nets) was there and it was interesting to see him get mobbed by the fans. He got a standing ovation when they showed him on the big screen. Drew and I loved watching the NBA finals last year when he played for the Magic... I became an NBA fan just so that I could watch C-Lee!

This is my new man, Sergio Kerousch. He had been injured and missed a big chunk of the season. I'm glad he's back even though he performed a mean Miley Cyrus dance while he was on crutches LOL!
Big Red - he requires no introduction!

Oh, and in case you needed a reason to laugh this evening. My husband bought a wet suit (and yes, he would kill me in my sleep if he knew that these were on here...) and it came in the mail this afternoon. So without further ado, here is my little triathlete all dressed up for the ridiculous swim in his half Ironman. Too bad its over 6 months away. At least he'll be prepared!

Oh well, that's enough for tonight. Please do me a favor though, say a little prayer for my friend Richie who passed away this week. We used to work together and he probably was one of the best people that I have ever met. His smile, attitude, and love for life were infectious and I can't believe that the world lost such a great friend at such a young age. We'll miss you buddy!


  1. OH My gosh THat is hilarious!!! Your husband is gonna kill you! haha!

  2. he doesn't know you posted this picture?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! that's too flippin funny! i'm dying over here!