Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gigi's Cupcakes...

Well, I am experiencing a sugar rush. Kellen and I went to lunch this afternoon (Kyoto's, YUM) and decided that when we left we just had to go and try out Gigi's Cupcakes. First of all, there were about 10 people in line in front of us and second of all, they had the cutest most amazing looking cupcakes I had ever seen! They are big with lots and lots of icing, sprinkles, candy toppers, etc... It looked fantastic. So after deliberating for a few minutes, Kellen and I both decided that we wanted Red Velvet Cupcakes. They put them in the cutest little boxes and we headed back to the bank with our cupcakes in tow.

I finally broke down and ate my cupcake (granted, I've only been back at the bank for about 20 minutes... I have -0- will power!) and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Honestly it was great. It had cream cheese icing, cute little red sprinkles, and great red velvet cake!
Check out the cute little white chocolate heart on top... That's how I started my cupcake experience and I knew it would be amazing after that!
However, now I am miserable. SOOOOO FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.... Between my Kyoto's and Gigi's, I think I might die before the afternoon... Hopefully, I can make it spin class because after the start I've had today, I really need to burn off some extra calories!

Adios friends! I hope y'all have a great afternoon :)


  1. aren't they the best?! i went to their ribbon cutting and they were giving away free ones! i can't even remember which one i got now, but it was sooo good!

  2. i'm not a cupcake kind of girl but don't fret. that makes me an awesome see, i always end up giving away my piece of cupcake. see the advantage? haha.

  3. I have loved reading your blog too! The thought of a Red Velvet Cupcake makes my mouth water...YUM! I wish we had a place like that in the Midwest. I went to a Sprinkles once in Dallas and it was love!

  4. I love Gigi's! We have one here in Spring Hill. The wedding cake cupcake is my fave that I have tried!

  5. Oh my gosh, this looks amazing!!