Friday, October 8, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Kitchens

Good Morning!  This week's Show Us Your Life topic at Kellys Korner is kitchens so I thought that I would participate! 

I have also started with a picture of our dining room since I was not able to get them up for last week.  We don't really ever use our dining room because our house has an eat in kitchen and we always eat there.  It is nice though, to be able to have the China cabinet for space and the really big window for all the natural light.  This room also has really tall ceilings (I tell everybody 15 feet, but that's just an estimate) that make it a neat edition to the house.  The color is actually the same as it was because the paint looks really nice and we really like the color.  Because of that, and the tall ceilings, I doubt we'll be painting it anytime soon!

Ok, on to the kitchen.  Our kitchen is really open (which I love) and you can even see into the living room from the sink.  We had friends over this week to watch baseball and it was so nice because I was able to be in the kitchen preparing food and still talk and socialize with the guests.

We had to replace all the appliances when we moved because the people that lived here previously took theirs.  We replaced the fridge and stove with Samsung and the dishwasher is Whirlpool.  We are really pleased with the appliances and love the way that they look in the kitchen.

This kitchen also has TONS of cabinets.  My kitchen at my old house was not small, but every cabinet was full to the brim.  There is also lots of counter space which is nice for canisters, appliances, and food prep.

As I mentioned earlier, the kitchen has an eat in area where we eat most of our meals.  We bought this table and chairs when we moved and have really liked them.  The set included a removable leaf and two extra chairs but we keep it down to four because that's what we would mostly use.  There are also sliding doors out to the covered porch and back yard.

Haha!  I'm not sure why I included this picture, but the pantry is probably one of my favorite parts of the house!  We used to have to keep our food in our cabinets and it took up so much room!  This pantry is great even though now I tend to buy lots more food (notice the three jars of spaghetti sauce, LOL)!  Sorry that it is such a mess, its just nice to be able to shut the door and not have to worry about it!

Anyway, thank you guys for checking out our kitchen!  We really love it and love our new house.  I can't wait to see your houses also :)


  1. I"m so in love with your house!

  2. I would LOVE to have a walk-in pantry! Pretty kitchen :)


  3. Love your kitchen!!! Its inviting and I love that!!

    Happy Friday!

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  5. (sorry for the delete, I remembered something else I was going to say!)

    We live in BG too! (Husband and I graduated from Greenwood in 92 and 96) :) Love your kitchen! Where did you get the pineapple things above your stove? I LOVE those! And I love the dining room color! We're doing a remodel soon, and I'm trying to talk my husband into a similar color :)

    I also notice the triathlon pic, my husband's best friend is a triathlon runner here in BG, training for the Iron Man in L'ville next year!

  6. I must know the name of that paint color! It looks like what I want to put in my dining room. I love it!!

  7. LOVE the new house! And I'm so jealous of that pantry! I still to this day can't figure out why we didn't include a pantry when we built our house! It's a must-have in our next house!!

  8. I love your square table and HUGE pantry! I wish mine were that big!

  9. just found your blog via "Kelly's Korner" link up and was trying to figure out what BG was when you said you were from KY (I live in Lexington). Then it hit me...BOWLING GREEN! lol
    And your kitchen is gorgeous!

  10. your kitchen is AWESOME!!!

    i especially covet your pantry...oh what i would do for one of those!