Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's In A Name???

Many of you have asked what Baby Girl Richey's name is going to be.  Last week, I mentioned that she was going to have a special name that she will share with somebody who is very special.  This special person shared her name with her grandmother.

This person is my Nanna.  She lived pretty much next door to me until I was about 16 and was always the person that I went to when I needed advice.  She has always made me feel like I was the most special person in the world and she has always been one of the most special people in my world.

Her name is Callie Elizabeth Bales.  Baby Richey's name is Callie Isabella Richey!  We love it and we know that we will have a beautiful baby girl with a wonderful, meaningful name!

The problem is, this is what her room looks like.  YIKES...  Looks like her mommy and daddy had better get on the stick, huh?  First of all, it will not stay green.  Second of all, its completely full of stuff!  This is the current "we don't know what to do with it, so we're just putting it in that room" room.  O-M-G..  Nothing like a little stress.

A good thing though, is that she's accumulating quite the wardrobe...  Including this cute little outfit that was given to her by my mom on the day that we found out that our Peanut was really Callie!


  1. What a precious name! I truly believe that naming your child after someone that means the world to you is such a special honor. Charli is named after my papaw and I feel blessed every time I say "She is named after someone who is very special to me."

  2. Cute name! I love the name Callie. And don't worry about the room. Ours looks about like that right now too! :)