Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm Becoming a Spaz...

So I'm sitting at my desk this morning and I noticed that Callie has been awfully still...  I haven't really felt her all morning.  I silently start freaking out and pushing on my stomach trying to make her move.  She doesn't.  I wait for an hour, stewing about what I should do "wait till tomorrow?  call the doctor?  drink a coke?" and then finally she whollops my insides right behind my belly button...  Not once, but twice.  Two huge kicks.  I tell her "Thank You" and continue on with my day.

Is this what motherhood is all about?  Worrying about this little girl for the rest of my life?  I can't imagine that I can be so worried about a little person that I've never met.  Crazy...

What's also crazy is that we are at 25 weeks...  Only 105 more days to go.  W-O-W...  Time flies!


  1. I actually had this same problem last night. The little bugger is usually super active at night and last night I barely felt a thing. This morning I had an orange juice and he/she has been moving ever since. I had a ton of bad thoughts pop into my head though when the little turd wasn't moving!
    I think we are in for a lifetime of worry and we should just get used to it!

  2. Yes, from now on your life will consist of worrying about little Callie! I was a total scaredy cat my entire pregnancy that something was going on! If you worry don't fret, and call your Dr. That is exactly what they are there for =) ..well, that and bringing her into the world! ha.

  3. dude you've already got the first step of motherhood down...worrying and being concerned about the welfare of your wee one. spaz? i think not.