Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mammoth Cave & Vette City!

Hello All! Sorry for the lack of a blog lately...

Drew and I had an AWESOME day today. We took Scooter to Mammoth Cave and hiked through the national park. What fun! Really, I'm not sure that anybody had as much fun as Scoot... she swam in a big spring, swam in the Green River, ran wild through the wilderness, and ended up completely covered in stick tights and cockle burrs... I told Drew more than once that I was very glad I had just dosed her with Frontline. Needless to say, she and I are taking a bath shortly!

We had an awesome time and hiked between four and a half and five miles. We also packed a picnic lunch and ate at a camp ground in the park. Drew and I said multiple times "Why have we never done this before???" Hopefully we will go many more times in the future, it was great!

If you recognize this view, its the one that they show on the news each morning... we found the camera!

Air Scooter!

One more interesting thing to mention about this weekend is that it is the National Corvette Homecoming in BG... I'm convinced these people are insane. Not to mention that there are now millions (ok, maybe slightly exaggerated) of crazed Corvette owners here in Vette City. Its bizarre, they are from everywhere. I've seen so many from California that it's not even funny. This picture shows a view of the museum from I65 and doesn't really do it justice. It is nuts.

Oh well, I hope that everybody has a great three day weekend! We are headed west in the morning and should be back soon!

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  1. I was in BG last weekend and saw the crazy corvette people! I just don't get it...

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