Friday, November 6, 2009

Roses & Thorns

A couple of the blogs that I read to "Roses & Thorns" posts on Fridays and since I'm sitting here bored at work, I thought I'd give it a try :)

  • Roses to my RFP (banking bid) being done. Good Lord I have never been so stressed. 318 pages of crap that I only moderately understand is just really too much. Anytime that work wakes you up at 5:30 and causes you to be in your office a 6:45, that is an issue. As I said, Hallelujah that its done!
  • Roses to a freaking beautiful weekend. We are supposed to have temperatures in the 70's with sunshine. I think we had weekends in the summer that weren't this warm!
  • Roses to Homecoming. Yeah, the Tops suck, but its still a fun weekend. I have a luncheon for it today and then I'm working the street parade this afternoon. Oh the joys of being an Alumni.
  • Roses to the Charity Ball. Its kind of like adult prom, I guess. I get to find a pretty dress and Drewby gets to rent a tux. Not to mention, that I am definitely having my hair done since we all know I'm not capable of doing it myself!
  • Roses to Mom coming up and going with us to the North American on Sunday. Yeah, I know, its a livestock show. Not that many people get excited about it, but I sure do!
  • Roses, most importantly, to being an American. Especially in the light of the tragedy at Fort Hood. I am so proud to be an American, proud of our American Service Men & Women, and so completely humbled and grateful for their service. God Bless All of You and Your Families.

  • Thorns to Tai. Why did you have to die? Yeah, I know you weren't mine any more but you were so cool. We had such a huge time together even though I only had you for a while. I missed you already but now I miss you even more. You'll always be my juvenile delinquent. I love you, Big Guy.
  • Thorns to Halter Horses. This stems from the point above and I really just don't know what I want to put here. Thorns to making horses that basically aren't built for the long haul. You people know what you are breeding and you know that they're not durable. Their legs aren't, their feet aren't, their bodies aren't. Thorns to all you breeders and the idiots like me who have shown them.
  • Thorns to not having a "pony". God I want one so bad.
  • Thorns to being pretty broke. Yeah, I know, not that broke... but still broke.
  • Thorns to day light savings time. I really hate that when I leave work at night I have to turn on my head lights. Really, I don't think that anything could be much more depressing than that!

Oh well, that's all my Roses & Thorns. Sorry for the rant about the horses. I just get so frustrated. Anyway, y'all have a great day and enjoy your beautiful weekend!

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  1. I just found your blog and read this post about "Thorns". I like it! I don't have quarter horses, I have Arabians but I completely agree with you about people breeding horses that aren't built to be performance horses. I like a good sturdy horse that can be ridden and look like they can do more than just be pretty! :)