Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Scooter's Post

Well, I promised her a post last week when Kelly did the "Show Us Your Life - Pets" post and here it is...
Scooter is the closest thing that I have ever had to a child. She is my life and I absolutely adore her. Honestly, I probably love her more than anybody should love a dog. The problem is, she really doesn't realize that she's a dog... I'm pretty sure she thinks she is a child. She loves to be carried, held on your hip, and sleep in the covers. She has also picked up this horrible begging habit. She ADORES barking...
I really can't say too many bad things about her though, she's a fabulous dog. She is a four year old "rough coated" Jack Russell Terrier (explains the barking...). She is the first JRT that I have ever had and I was pretty scared when I got her. JRT's are extremely dominant and intense dogs and she fits the breed perfectly. I looked up Jack Russells on Wikipedia once and died laughing... I'm pretty sure they used her as a model. We make do though and even when we don't agree, it all works out. She's dominant, but I'm the boss :)
She is my travel buddy and goes everywhere with me. She has stayed in multiple hotels and loves to go camping at the lake. Not too mention, she's pretty freaking cute... Check her out :)

At about 3 months old, the night that Mom bought her... So cute :)

When I got my Canon Rebel... She's a great model... Check out the ear, its always like that!

This is probably my favorite picture, I think she was only about 6 months old.Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my Scoot Dogg post... I am going to grab some dinner and then start packing to head home tomorrow... I can't wait, no more work until one week from today!

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  1. Oh my goodness, your JRT is so cute! Sadly we just lost our 16 year old JRT, Emma one week ago to cancer. She was a shorty, smooth coat and she was THE.BEST.DOG.EVER! She kept her spunk until her final days. She was an amazing dog. You are so lucky to be owned by such a wonderful breed! Enjoy your time together--it will never be long enough. ;-)