Thursday, March 18, 2010

The missing part of me...

So, I wonder pretty often if its a bad thing to identify yourself by an activity. I tell Drew all the time that every part of my life is complete except this, I don't have a pony. Really, I do have a pony, I have my Max Man... but he's retired. I want a show pony.

Anyway, back to the identification part... I was never a real stand out at anything in school. I'm not athletic, I was always pretty smart but never the smartest, and I wasn't ever a teacher's favorite. I wasn't one of the "popular" kids in school. What made me different (or so I thought) was the ponies.

Now, I miss this. Horses have always been my therapy. My first semester in college, I had a Basic Equitation class (my PE credit, way cool) and equestrian team practice that took me to the school farm four days a week. It was awesome. If I had a bad day, rough classes, or dorm room drama it never really seemed to matter. I could escape to the farm. The same was true in high school... Boy drama could always be over come with a good ride...

I know that not having my ponies is not permanent. I will have it some day. Drew is completely supportive of this and wants it for me. I think he knows how bad I need it. Right now is just not the right time, so I wait. AND WHINE... I really like the two that are pictured on this page. The one on top is a gelding named "Remarkably Good" and the mare on the bottom is Miss Lazy Version. I'd buy one pretty similar to them if I ever won the lottery....
Anyway, I just needed a whine post... Sorry if you read this whole random thing!
This is for the girls in square toed boots and 20x hats
For the girls who skip the malls in favor of tack stores
For the girls who can smile like a beauty queen after three hours of sleep
The ones who will bleed, sweat, and cry for just one more point or that blue ribbon
This is for the girls who can drive their own rigs
This is for the girls who can communicate with eyes, body, and spirit, words just aren't enough
For the girls who put their makeup on over dirt and sweat
And smile like a million bucks in rhinestones and chaps, no matter how tight their hat is
For the girls who rack up impressive roaming bills on 1am phone calls from tiny hotel rooms
This is for the passion we hold, the drive we all share, and the will to win
We know about love and loss in a way that most will never understand
We know how it feels to close your eyes at night and still feel like you're loping...

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