Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blue Angels...

Five of these guys just flew over my office (which is by the BG airport, in case you were concerned) and it was the loudest thing ever. I was pretty sure they were going to land on my desk. It was awesome.
They are the US Navy Blue Angels and if you ever have a chance to watch them do an airshow I highly recommend it.
My brother was stationed in Pensacola when he was in the Navy and that is where the Blues are stationed. We went there one Spring Break and my mom and I were laying out on the beach watching them practice. It was too cool!


  1. How awesome. I so wish Char and I would of been in BG today to catch a glimpse of them!

    I seen your comment about your lessons and have really been thinking about sending Charli there whenever she gets older. She really needs to get around horses and get comfortable with them first before anything. She has such a long ways to go! But if her dream is to be a cowgirl, then we will make it happen =)

  2. whenever they're in town, they fly by my job too. i love it! and i've seen them live. they're AWESOME!

  3. Just found your blog; so cute :)