Thursday, June 10, 2010

Should I feel sorry for BP??? Because I don't!

Photo from MSNBC

So, the headline on MSNBC right now is "As Spill Costs Mount, BP Faces Financial Squeeze"...

Oh crap, I guess that they won't be making the billions (or trillions, whatever it is) that they consistently have made, only millions. What a pity. These stupid oil companies have done nothing but "squeeze" Americans for as long as they could get away with it and now when they royally screw up, we should feel sorry for them??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

I don't feel sorry for BP... Their greed has created this mess. They couldn't get oil fast enough to sell (or by some accounts, hoard) by drilling in reasonable locations so they felt it necessary to drill in the middle of the Gulf? Wow. Good Move. Let's drill places where when we totally screw up we don't know how to fix it!

The really sad thing is that if they do by some chance go out of business, we Americans will again have to clean up their mess. Lucky us.

Sorry for the rant. Hope y'all are having a good day.


  1. Love your rant! I totally agree!

  2. i kind of feel sorry for the people that are at BP that had nothing to do with the spill...other than that you are right! They need to have some type of plan in place for stopping oil spills that works!!

  3. I agree with you. I posted on this last night, but kept my ran quiet because I have no earthly idea how it feels to have the "oil" effecting or ruining my life as it has so many people around the coastal line. I just cannot imagine the anger they are feeling.

    It is the way that the people whom work for BP are acting that makes this such a deal with me. Them standing around, the CEO's smarty pants remark..ahh I could go on for days. Shame on them {just like I said in my post}