Friday, October 30, 2009

5K in the rain??? I HOPE NOT!

Man I'm glad its Friday. This has been a pretty stressful week at work. We have a MAJOR contract that we are rebidding and I guess its my responsibility to put it together. Apparently I'm doing okay though because when my boss left this afternoon he called and asked if I had plans for Sunday (which I kind of did). He then told me that there were 4 Titans tickets down on his desk that I could have. SWEET :)

Poor Mom and Dad, they had been my Sunday plans. I did at least ask them if they wanted two of the tickets, to which they said no. Mom said it'd be TOO COLD.... Well, probably so, but they're free tickets. Also, I do realize that the Titans are 0-6, but still, they're free tickets. So now we are taking a girls trip to the football game on Sunday.

Tomorrow is mine and Drew's big race. If you'll remember, Drew is running a 10K and I am running a 5K. I really feel ready. What I don't know about is the weather. We are getting a major rain system right now and its supposed to keep raining tomorrow morning. They have decreased the rain chance from 90% to 30% but still... I'm not so sure.

After that, of course Halloween is tomorrow and Drew and I are going to a party. He is dressing up as Superman and I am going to be a cheerleader. Until I tried on the uniform Wednesday night, I had never worn a cheerleading outfit. It was pretty funny! I decided that it was a good thing I've been doing all this running so at least maybe my legs will look decent in that short skirt! HAHA! Believe me, I'll put up pictures!

Have a great night!

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  1. Yay for looking hot with your little running legs in a cheer skirt :)