Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is here!

Well, it has been a few days blogger friends. Drew and I have been a little busy this week. Mostly we have been doing a bunch of running. Crazy, I know. I'm really not a runner but we decided that we would both do the Medical Center 5K. Actually, I'm doing the 5 and Drewby is doing the 10.

We have been talking about taking a trip next spring and have decided to look into a Sandals resort. Have any of you ever been to one? I'd like to go to St Lucia... I really have no idea where St Lucia is but I still think it sounds great. We had a fabulous time on our honeymoon at the Moon Palace so I can't imagine how nice one of these resorts would be. I am really excited about this trip because it was all Drew's idea and he's the one doing all the research! I'm such a lucky girl :) We decided that we really want to go sometime when it is cold in BG. I was thinking the end of April would be a great time... Besides, that would give me a good excuse to get in pretty decent shape over the winter...
Anyway, I definitely need y'alls opinion on Sandals resorts or St Lucia...
Oh, I have to show you guys the cute little gift I bought for Scoot today! It is so cute and was my first experience with Etsy! I am a huge fan... Of course when I get it, it will have her name and my number, even though Darby is a great name for a dog!

I was on Etsy looking at Derby hats. I am definitely wanting to go to the Derby this year considering that I have never been. What Kentucky Horse Girl has never been to the Derby??? Definitely, a problem.

Oh well, I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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