Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cruel & Unusual Punishment...

Well, maybe not really...  Maybe it was just bad planning on my part...

I definitely had my OB appointment yesterday afternoon.  Baby Callie is doing just fine, but honestly, stepping on those scales almost killed me.  I told my doctor that apparently I had eaten WAY too many Christmas cookies...

Uhhh...  I think I should've scheduled the appointment for next Monday and NOT yesterday!

Anyway, have a great Tuesday and surely I'll get a good Christmas update on here soon!


  1. Hang in there! Don't stress about your weight it will all work out! I had an appointment yesterday too! Glad Callie is doing great!

  2. did you minus 10 lbs for your shoes? hahaha.

    i hate being weighed...ruins my day. at least you have a reason. you're pregnant.

  3. Try not to worry or stress to much over it. I'm sure you are right on track! There are some wonderful Dr's in your area!!