Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nursery Theme

Well, Miss Callie now has baby bedding.  Or at least, it has been ordered.

It is definitely more pink than I had originally planned but I do really like it.  I wanted something with farm animals, more specifically, I wanted something with horses.  This was the best that I could find that wasn't too boyish.

Anyway, I really like it...  Drew really likes it...  My mom and sister-in-law really like it...  So, I can't wait to see it when UPS brings it to my house!  Hopefully it won't be long :)


  1. Had to comment, I love it! I have two girls who are now 9 and 11 they are quickly outgrowing the pink. Go for it while you can:)

  2. Here's a link to a cute pink pony crib bedding set. It's at
    This might be more what you were looking for.
    I stumbled across your blog from Kelly's Korner
    blog house tour. You have a beautiful home.

  3. I love this! It is very adorable!
    Oh and be looking on my blog for a posting about a meet up if your still interested.

  4. horses and farm animals = perfect! and so your child ;)

    can't wait to see pics b/c i know you'll be taking lots for me. haha.

  5. hey girl! yes, my mom did say she saw you the other day - she commented on how cute you look!! :) by the way, i haven't had much time to comment on blogs lately, but I LOVE her name, and her nursery theme!!! :) i know you must be getting soooo excited!!

  6. Could you tell me where you ordered this from?? I LOVE IT!

  7. I would like to know where you ordered this as well :)! SO Adorable!

  8. I would also like to know. My niece has been looking for something like that for months.