Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grown Up Christmas Presents...

Isn't it odd how as you grow up, the things that you want for Christmas change?  I can remember when I was younger all I wanted was toys, just like any kid.  In my teens, it was clothes, CD's, and purses...  Now, I do good to even think of things that I want for Christmas.

At this point in time in my life (being 6 months pregnant), clothes were completely out of the question.  Not only did I not ask for any, but I explicitly told people not to buy them for me.  I did ask for a bottle of perfume for Christmas and a little jewelry, but other than that, not much.  The few things that I asked for might surprise you:

A Kindle, from Amazon.Com.  This one isn't that weird, but let's just say that I'm already addicted to it.  I read yesterday all during my lunch break because it was WAY too cold to go outside!

These rugs are very cool (and kind of pricey, thus them being on my Christmas Wish List).  They are from LL Bean and they are called "Water Hog Rugs".  Apparently they are supposed to be great on hardwood floors and they're supposed to keep dirt from being tracked through the house.  Mom has a huge one in front of her door in from the garage and swears by it.  So I got three :)  I got them in tan...  One is huge (also in front of my garage door), one is small and crescent shaped (in front of my sliding glass doors that Scooter goes in and out), and one has her name on it and her bowls sit on them.  FUN!
 And finally, I got a Bissell Spot Bot!  It is actually the pet version, but I think that it will also be great for the Newborn Babe Version.  Or at least, that's what I'm hoping :)  I think that Drew had a little help on this one, because I had never told him that I wanted one.  I had mentioned, however, to my mom and sister-in-law that it might be pretty cool to have one so I'm not sure which of them spilled the beans...  Thanks!

Anyway, my gifts are perfect!  They are things that I had been wanting but probably would not have spent the money on for myself.  Not too mention, I'm thinking that they'll both help to make my life a little bit simpler...  And really, isn't that what we all want for Christmas?


  1. I am the same way now! I want stuff for my house and a fun new gadget! I love those rugs! I might have to invest!

  2. Glad you got gifts you like for Christmas! My mom got a Kindle last year for Christmas and my dad says that in the 26 years they have been married...she likes it better than any jewelry or vacation he ever got her!!