Monday, December 13, 2010

A Snowy Weekend Wrap-Up!

Good Morning! 

Do you all have snow there like we do here in BG?  It is a mess!  The county schools are all closed and WKU was even on a half day delay for finals.  The biggest event for this weekend was driving to Murray KY to watch my brother graduate with a degree from Murray State.  I am so proud of him!  He joined the Navy right after high school and since he has been out of the service, he has come home and worked full time and went to school full time in order to get his degree.  I know that he will be very glad that it is over!

Sunday, Drew and I tackled the crazy task of starting our gift registries.  Well, actually I had already started them on line but we went to two stores and went crazy with the little scanner thing.  Registering is so hard.  Being a first time mom who really doesn't have much experience with babies, I am clueless!  I know that I have a lot to learn and am so glad to have "Mommy Blogs" that I follow and have learned from.  We also tried to buy things that were gender neutral and could hopefully be used by Callie's future siblings.  Do you guys have any suggestions?  What items could you not live without when your kiddos were babies?

Somethings we registered for were:

Fisher Price- Laugh & Learn Playcenter (Drew had a hard time deciding on this...  he ended up picking two that he liked and then I made the decision to go with the farm themed one).

I have seen these Soothing Seahorses on lots of blogs and scanned it the minute I saw it.

My mom and I made a trip to "Babys R Us" a few weeks ago and the girl that we talked to told us that this Chicco Travel System is absolutely the way to go.  Since then, I have been stalking moms in department stores with this and asking their thoughts.  Everybody really seems to approve!

A Tummy Time Mat.  This is the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym.

So what do y'all think?  Are these good things to register for?  Obviously, these are just some of the high points but please, let me know what you really liked.  Also, I was so glad that Drew and I had our iPhones.  We were looking up the items as we went along seeing which ones did or didn't have good ratings.  That was such a great resource for us!


  1. we had a chico travel systme and liked it but the only thing we didnt like was that the stroller was so big and took up the entire back of my vehicle. we lov our bumbo seat and tray and sctually still use it everyday to feed Ailise in. Ailise loved her swing and still uses it also especially when she is fighting sleep.

  2. We registered for the same activity mat, and a Chicco travel system too :) It is so hard to know what to get!!
    And snow...we got over 18". But I live in MN so its a LITTLE more normal. Even though tons of stuff still shut down, and our football stadium collapsed. Bummer! :)

  3. i learned that if chicco makes it, go chicco!! i love all chicco products!!

  4. Registering is difficult! We got the Chicco travel system for Emma! I love it so far and it was super easy to put together and install the bases in our backseats.

  5. Wow, you are on the ball with registering. I haven't even done that yet! We went and tried out strollers the other day in Nashville. Their selection is just so much better. There were a couple Graco's we liked and I really liked the Chicco that Mrs. Pick is getting. I love that the colors are gender neutral too. It's a hard decision! :)

  6. Registering is difficult but so much fun as well. My advice is to try out the strollers and also update your registry online as many times as you would like, lol.

    I wanted to let you know that we're not going to meet up this week. No one else is interested or cannot this week, so we shall wait until later =) Hope you have a fabulous week!