Monday, April 26, 2010

April showers bring April flowers???

This is all that was on the TV Saturday... Pictures of the radar screen with lots of bright and vivid colors. We had a little wild weather come through.
It started with lots of rain for our drive back from Louisville and didn't end until almost bed time. At one point we were under a Tornado Watch and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings but all we ended up getting was a little wind and a little rain. All and all, no big deal.
The weather people had a great time though. I really think they enjoy talking about how bad the weather can be and how everybody needs to "prepare to take cover". Whatever. At one point, they even said that people didn't need to be sitting on their porches watching the storm roll in. So what do you think Drew and I did when it came towards BG?? Oh yeah, we were on the porch! HAHA!
The good thing about the rain is that these babies probably really needed a drink. I love Clematis Vines and think they are so pretty.
Please ignore the "whirly birds", they are definitely one thing that I will not miss about our old house.


  1. haha! The weather forecasters really do make a big deal outta nothing sometimes...altough i hear it got pretty rough in MIssissippi... Beautiful flowers! We have whirrly birds too at our house...i didn't think anyone else called them that!

  2. They made such a big deal here in Nashville too! One of weather people even said to make sure you have some type of helmet--motorcycle or sports to wear when taking cover for a tornado! That is a new one to me!