Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bunny Hop Swap...

Ok... so I realized last week just exactly how much I have to learn about Blog Swaps. I thought that the Life From Pippys Perspective Bunny Hop Swap would consist of Easter candy, cute finger nail polish, and flower seeds. Boy was I wrong. I was lucky enough to have Houston Gurly as my blog swap partner and she spoiled me rotten!
Being a Texas girl, she sent me a "Texas Themed" swap basket!

She sent Drewby and I chips and salsa (our favorite), tequila ketchup, beef jerkey, stuffed olives, fajita seasoning, Longhorn candy, and jalapeno jelly.
Seriously, spoiled us R-O-T-T-E-N!
Oh, and we had a home inspection done on the new house today and it was great! Hopefully, we'll be moving in soon because we're actually making progress!


  1. All of that looks SO good! Good luck with moving and enjoy your treats! ;)

  2. Well, this Texas girl didn't send any of that. She did spoil ya'll and you'll be ready to have a bbq at your next place. lol

  3. I mostly sent candy, and am now feeling bad for my partner that I didn't put in more cute non-edible stuff! Now I know =)

  4. What a fun basket! The "Texas" theme was really creative!
    I'm glad you guys had fun!
    Thanks again for participating!