Friday, April 2, 2010

Grey's Anatomy & Babies...

Hi Guys,
Time for a serious subject. I want to have a baby, like now. I want to go off the pill and be pregnant and have a baby by next spring. My husband, not so much.

He is a planner. Honestly, he's a Financial Planner by profession and so that's what he does. He thinks of all the reasons why right now is not the most "perfect" time for us to have a baby.
  • we're in the process of buying a new house (before the new house stuff, it was our house is too small)
  • we still have lots of things that the two of us want to do
  • we still have lots of bills
I'm sure that he could be give you a million more.
We were watching Grey's last night and there were two really good quotes on the show (which was all about babies, just in case you didn't watch). They came from two of my favorites characters, Dr Bailey and Meredith.
If you are going to wait for the perfect time to have kids - you're never going to have kids...
Let's just say that I was so glad that Drew was in the room. I don't think he was watching but I know that he was listening. I'm so glad that he heard this because I really think it's true. There is never going to be a perfect time. There will always be bills, there will always be something going on in our lives that makes it not perfect, but I don't want to NOT have kids just because the timing is not perfect.
And from Meredith:
It's the most important job in the world. You probably should need a license to do it, but then most of us wouldn't even pass the written exam. Some people are naturals. They were born to do it. Some have other gifts. But the good news is biology dictates you don't have to do it alone. You can waste your whole life wondering, but the only way to find out what kind of parent you'd be is to finally stop talking about it and just do it.

Anyway, I know that he will come around, I just hope its sooner rather than later :)


  1. Grey's was so good last night! I loved those quotes too!

  2. I think it's a great time for you to have a baby! Keil and I have gotten pretty good at this Uncle/Aunt thing...give us one more, please!

  3. Me too GIrl! My Hubby says no way! I think you're right..if you wait for the perfect time, you'll never have kids!!

  4. great quotes!! i missed grey's last night.
    :( btw, it is so true - you are never financially ready for a baby!! so, there'sno need to wait!! :)

  5. Oh yes. I remember those days. Blake held me off for a couple of years. He just wasn't ready. So I can relate. However, lots of people said,"oh just get prego, he'll get over it." but I didn't gel like it was right. I wanted him to want it as much as me. And then he did, he became all about it! And it was a bery sweet moment. I was glad we waitied to walk hand in hand in the journey. So in this case I will have to side with drew. Sorry Kelsey. Give him a little more time. He'll come around, I promise. :) but you are right, you can't put everything off until the perfect time....because there will always be something.

    We were married 5 years when we had Layton. And now looking, they are truly one in a lifetime years. Enjoy the trips, friends, and the years of carefree. And before you know it he'll be bringing up the subject of babies!! That is the greatest and sweetest day.

  6. I used my iPhone to type this. Sorry for the mistakes.

  7. Im in the same boat....I want a baby so bad, but at the same time I know how much work they are and how fun it is to have no responsibilities :) My husband and I will be trying this summer, and it is a little scary! :)
    I hope your hubby comes around soon!