Friday, April 23, 2010

Show Us Your Life: How We Met

Well, I thought that I'd participate in Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life because I have never told you all how Drew and I met...

I should start with some background information:
My parents own a 4 Wheeler and Motorcycle Dealership in my hometown. Drew and his cousin, Ross, both raced motocross in high school and bought their dirt bikes from my dad. They also raced at the track my brother raced at and we sponsored. I was also a Regional FFA Officer with Ross. I was the VP and he was my secretary :)

Ok, now on to the story. It was the spring semester of my junior and Drew's sophomore (yes, I'm older) year in college and I was going into a Macro-Economics class. I sat at a table with a random person because I didn't know anybody else. The teacher (Mary Carey, her name was hysterical) called roll and she called Nathan Richey who then said that he went by Drew. I asked him "aren't you Ross's cousin?" and he said "yes." We sat by each other the next day and honestly we just clicked. We talked through the whole class. I'm sure that Mary Carey HATED us because we talked constantly and then aced her class. Drew was an Econ major so it was basic for him and I'm not gonna lie, if I didn't know an answer on the test he definitely let me copy... HAHA!
The thing is, and this is what makes me horrible, he asked me out so many times and I blew him off. The reason: He was younger than me. How horrible. Anyway, this lasted a couple months until I finally got over it (and got smart) and as they say THE REST IS HISTORY!

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  1. What a cute story! I love it! I thought about sharing mine but the "anniversary" of when we meet is coming up so I am saving my post until then!

    Happy Friday!

  2. you guys are too cute together! and i love your wedding dress! :)

  3. Cute story. I'm a year older than my hubby, too! :)

  4. haha i'm 4 months older than my hubby too! cute story and i love the pics! xoxo