Monday, April 12, 2010

Signs of Spring...

It is starting to be awfully Springy here. I love it. The weather has been beautiful and now everything is starting to come alive. Like these irises... I planted them last year and this year they are blooming like crazy. The funny thing about these irises is that they came from my Mamaw's house. So they went from WKY to BG... haha... They're well travelled.

I guess that this fall, I will have to dig up some more and take them to the new house because I sure think that they are pretty... Not too mention, they require no work!

Oh, and this tree is what Scooter will miss the most about our house... She climbs it. Yes, on her own.
Oh, and if you say "Scooter, get in that tree!" she'll do it on command :)



  1. i'm jealous of your "springy"-ness. no fair! it's wet and cold here. makes me sad. but your pictures make me smile :)

  2. How cute! I love that Scooter climbs the tree! We have signs of spring here too and LOTS of pollen!

  3. OMG! How does het get up there? That's too funny!