Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Anniversary Present to Each Other

So...  Mine and Drew's anniversary was a little over a month ago and we decided that we would go together and buy each other one big gift.  My laptop was dying a slow cruel death so we decided that we'd get a new computer and Drew decided that we needed a Mac.  Personally, I wasn't sure, but since we've gotten it I have really enjoyed it and found it quite user friendly.

I still have no idea what all it can do, but the lady at the Apple Store assured me that I will love it and so far she's been right.

 This is the keyboard.  Actually, we got two because we wanted the little number pad on the side.  This little one is wireless and so far has been the only one that we've used.

This is the mouse.  Pretty crazy, huh?  I'm pretty sure it looks like a post-it note but it is the coolest thing ever.  Apple Girl demonstrated it and we were sold immediately.

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  1. you got a mac!!!! ahhhh dontcha just LOVE it!!! i'm still obsessed with mine. and so far, no problemos!