Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hospital Packing...

Ok, I need some advice.  I am usually a major procrastinator and that has gotten me into large amounts of trouble on more than one occassion.  I decided last night that I needed to do my best to not fall into that habit for the next three to four weeks.  I worked on laundry last night and even started to pack my hospital bag.  So far it includes:
  • nursing tanks with pajama pants
  • a nursing night gown because I figure I'll be much more comfortable in it than in a hospital one for at night
  • house slippers
  • flip flops
  • fuzzy socks
  • a fleece to wear if the room is cold
  • a robe
  • two sleep nursing bras and then another nursing bra
  • I also packed sanitary pads and nursing pads
  • I also have snacks for the dad, grandparents, and then for me to have in the room while we're there
I have also worked on packing for Callie, even though I don't think that she'll need as much...  She has:
  • her going home outfit (w/ blanket, etc)
  • boppy
  • her baby book and a pen so that visitors can sign it
  • a notebook so that if she is brought any gifts we can keep track of them
I have a few things that I know I'll need to pack closer to time so that I can use them up until the date.  They are:
  • toiletries (even though I'd like to go ahead and get some travel shampoo/conditioner, saline solution, etc. and put them in a bag so that they're not forgotten)
  • cell phone charge
  • camera/charger
What do you guys think I'm missing???  I know that there are some Mommies and Mommies-to-be that read my blog and I'd love your input.  What did you take that was worthless and just took up space?


  1. I think you've got yourself covered....I can't think of anything else that I packed or didn't pack that I thought would be useful. I did bring some magazines to help pass the time since I was being induced.

    For Callie, bring her some different outifits. You'll want to dress her up and take lots of pictures. Bring some hairbows to match! I probably took 6-8 outfits for Emma and she wore almost all of them by the time we were going home.

    If you have a laptop bring it as well.

  2. Almost everything you listed is stuff that is in my bag already...the only thing I might bring that you didn't list was the laptop and our list of people to call or text when the baby is born.
    I don't know what else I will need so hopefully people comment!
    I hope your last couple weeks goes quick!! :)

  3. I saw you wrote a notebook for Callie and her gifts, but also you might want to write questions for the nurse/doctor while they are not in the room. Just for anything you might think of while you are there. Do you have any pets? We are taking a receiving blanket for each dog to wrap Elsie up in for a day then to send home for the dogs to get used to her smell. You might also want to take some "granny panties". I have heard they are very nice to have.


  4. Yes granny panties for sure!!

  5. i agree with granny panties and sweatpants, the laptop, your calling list,and serval outfits for Callie. I think Ailise went through about 3 a day and you want to take cute pictures in the hospital. We packed Wade's nano and my shuffle to help pass time since I was being induced but we did not need them (since I was holding her 3 hours after we got to the hospital) They gave you swaddle thing to use at the hospital here but you pack one just in case they were niceand kept her nice and warm since the room was cool.

  6. Sounds like you have it covered, I don't have any two cents to add ;(