Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Decorations...

Good Evening Blogger Friends,

I am writing this message to night from Western Kentucky because I'm here spending the week of Christmas with my parents. I'm very excited to say that I hoarded enough vacation days to take off this week even though I'm sad becausee my Drewby volunteered to work. I am hoping to have a restful week and do a little shopping. I am excited about shopping because I don't have to buy any gifts, I get to buy lots of stuff for me! My work wardrobe is looking a little shabby and not fitting me quite as well as it was when I bought it. I'm proud to say that my clothes are actually too big which is always positive.

My restful week doesn't get to start until after tomorrow. Tomorrow morning (barring icy roads, which I would say is possible) we are leaving at 6 to take my grandmother back to Atlanta. It is a 6 hour drive one way so we'll be spending the whole day in the car. NOT FUN. I do have some trusty reading material (Quarter Horse Journal & Dear John by Nicholas Sparks) though and I'm hoping to spend a good chunk of the morning asleep in the back seat!

Anyway, I haven't posted any pictures of my Christmas decorations so I thought that I'd do that tonight...

This is our little tree... I have a silly thing about having a Christmas tree that can be seen from the road and since our big one can't, we have this little one...

Our big Christmas tree... I say big, but we only have 8 foot ceilings so its definitely not that big :) I like it though!

Our mantle...

Our house is pretty simple. We didn't even put up any Christmas lights outside this year. We have really just been too busy. Anyway, I guess I'd better get to bed seeing as I will be car-riding in about 7 hours. YIKES.

Good night!


  1. Love the plate on your mantle! :) WE were the same way this year with the baby coming any week now, we did much less decorating outside.

    Let me know if Dear John is good?! I haven't read it yet!

    Have a safe trip!

  2. oh man...7 hours car rides. eek! notsofun :(

    love your decor though. it's super cozy.