Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve :)

Hello Blogger Friends!

I hope that you are having a fun and festive Christmas Eve. Here in WKY, the wind is blowing and its getting colder but we're having a great day. I had to take Scooter to the vet this morning and get her a rabies shot and a distemper shot so she's not having a great day but I think its getting better for her!

I am procrastinating taking a shower for as long as possible even though Drew just called and said that he's on his way. I'll be glad to see him because its been almost a week! We don't have to be anywhere until 3 so I figure that I'm safe. At 3 we will be heading to my grandparents house for dinner with my dad's siblings and all my cousins. There are 5 of the original children and 7 grand kids (plus the addition of a few spouses/fiance's). It is always fun. The kids always eat out on the porch and the parents eat inside :)

After that we will be headed to Drew's hometown for Christmas with his family. Then we will come back to my mom & dad's house for the night. Tomorrow morning we will get up and do everything all over again. It makes for a busy time, but its fun.

I just wanted to add in here that this Christmas I feel so blessed to live the life that I live. I know that it is not always perfect but I am very fortunate for everything that I have. I hope that all of you, my blogger friends, have a fantastic Christmas and that you feel as blessed as I do!

Merry Christmas!