Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Good Afternoon Y'all,

I still don't have a computer... Its pretty devestating. I really feel completely out of touch. I am trying to save the battery on my Ipod and that means that I can't surf the internet on it but I haven't had access to facebook or my WKU e-mail account in about 10 days! Its driving me crazy. Also, what's driving me crazy is that I have all these pictures that I would love to post but can't. :( BOO...

On a positive note, we did get Drew's truck on Saturday and we absolutely love it. It had 9 miles on it when we got it and we've now driven it everywhere! Drew is like a kid in a candy store :)
I also think that we might have his car sold which is even more fantastic, it'll be nice to have that money for the truck!

I found this picture on line and think that it is the same color as the one that we bought. It is called "Candy Red Metallic" or something like that. Drew's truck is a Lariat so it has different wheels and also has chrome on the grill, but other than that it looks pretty similar to the truck in the picture.

By the way: It got crazy cold here today and I was not very smart about it. I actually went to work with out a coat. Since I have been here the temperature has dropped about 25 degrees and the wind is blowing like crazy. I had planned to go home at lunch and pick up a jacket but ended up going to Panera with Kellen instead, so now I am coatless. Bummer.

Well, I'd better make this short because I'm still at work, but I hope that y'all have a great day! Maybe someday I'll get my computer back and be able to show you Drew's actual truck and our Christmas decorations. I'm getting a little lost without it!

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